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Every Little Bit Counts

Our pets are perfect for pampering, but there are many dogs and cats without anyone to care for them.  While we walk, pet, feed, snuggle and play with our own, there are far too many animals living on the streets and in shelters without any of the luxuries that man’s best friends deserve. 

Welcome to  Our mission is to help save those animals that desperately need saving by taking care of our own.  For every purchase made on, 10% of your order is donated directly to Operation Blankets of Love ( to aid in their efforts as an Emergency Response Team which provides comfort to homeless animals as well as those in rescue groups, fosters, and sanctuaries.  Their never-ending efforts provide comfort item donations and animal advocacy through education seminars, speaking engagements, and public awareness campaigns.  Operation Blankets of Love’s primary goal is to improve the lives of these animals as well as make them more adoptable.  This organization is one of, if not the most, important part of the rescue and non-profit network that saves animals lives every single day.

Please click here to enter our site. asks that you become a member in order to view the products on our site.  Membership is free and it includes you on our mailing list to receive special promotions from as well as updates on Operation Blankets of Love’s success stories and information on their upcoming events. 

So, signup, login and check out our special promotions.  Become a member for our mailing list to stay informed and also to get the Deal of the Week.  Then, through the purchase of a new pet bed for Max, a new toy for Buster, a fancy sparkly leash and collar for Ginger, even a box of greeting cards for Mom’s birthday; you will assist in the important work of saving animals lives. 

Every Little Bit Counts!

Thanks, & Operation Blankets of Love

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